Mastering Makeup-Beauty

Examination of the skin can be considered in two settings: incidental examination during the course of a complete physical examination, and dedicated examination in situations where disease of the skin is known to be present.

To get a polished look, I suggest you use concealer, foundation, powder, lipstick, and perhaps mascara. For a more striking appearance, you may want to add eye­liner, eye shadow, lip liner, and blush. But the goal is not to look painted it’s to enhance your true beauty. How much makeup you use is a matter of personal preference. Here’s what you need to know about choosing and using the right cosmetics. The product recommendations in this chapter include my own suggestions and those of women of color makeup artists I’ve consulted.Concealer Clues. The purpose of concealer is to conceal or camouflage darker areas of the face (such as the under-eye area) and blemished or blotchy spots. The color of your concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation-that is, a shade lighter than your natural skin tone. After cleansing, moisturizing (if needed), and applying sunscreen to your face, dot concealer in your trouble spots. Use a light touch too much concealer can give your complexion an uneven, cakey look. You can use a damp makeup sponge or your fingers to blend in. Don’t rush the blending process take your time to get the right, even-toned look. Try a MAC concealer or Bobbi Brown or MAC full coverage foundation as concealer.Foundation Facts. Foundation is used to even out skin tone and give your face a smooth appearance. Choosing the correct color is crucial, so be sure to test a product before you buy it. To do this, have the makeup consultant apply the foundation to your entire face, and take a good look at your skin in natural light. If the foundation blends in and disappears, thus appearing natural, it’s the right color. A too light foundation may make your skin look ashen. Take a closer look to make sure the foundation’s undertone is not too red, orange, or yellow. If the color does not match, keep trying other shades, either from that line of cosmetics or from an altogether different line, until you find the one that most closely approximates your skin tone.The next step is to make sure you’ve chosen a foundation for your skin type.This is important because the wrong type can make the skin look dull or too shiny or worse, like you’re wearing a mask. Foundations come in different forms liquid, cream, cream-to-powder, and stick, matte and moisturizing formulas. If you have acne, you’ll need a light oil-free foundation that doesn’t clog your pores and trigger a breakout. Avoid oil based products, such as those often found in compacts, and opt for nonacnegenic or noncomedogenic products instead. Whatever your skin type, you may need to switch products when the seasons change or if you move to a dry climate.For oily skin. Look for oil free or water based foundations, or a foundation and powder in one compact. Matte or semi matte formulas will look best on your skin. If you have very oily skin, don’t forget to use a toner before applying any makeup and blot oily areas during the day with tissue. Try Estee Lauder’s Double Matte Foundation· for oil control. Avon’s Clear Finish Oil Free Foundation, an antiacne treatment that contains salicylic acid, is perfect for acne prone skin as well as oily skin.For normal combination skin. A water based foundation should suit your needs. If you have T-zone skin and your cheeks become especially dry, experiment with water and oil combination products. Semi-matte formulas will look best.For dry skin. Opt for moisturizing foundations that contain some amount of oil or a combination of oil and water but only if you are not acne prone. These often come in cream or liquid form. For acne prone skin, oil free foundation is still best. Just apply a moisturizer before applying your foundation.For sensitive skin. As always, choose hypoallergenic products that are free of potential irritants. A light, water-based foundation should do.For hyper pigmenting skin. Since this skin type is prone to the development of dark marks, camouflaging the marks with foundation is essential. Consider using a foundation stick, such as Black Opal Stick Foundation, o

Face Foundation Tips for Perfect Skin Tone

Only a few girls are really satisfied with their skin tone and also skin condition, and so the usage of face foundation is often a requirement for your daily makeup creation. The article has several beneficial tips and hints on foundation selecting and also applying that could be useful for any lady.

Face foundation can simply create a gorgeous as well as faultless face skin, will certainly hide spots or face skin flaws, and it’s really the fundamental cosmetics solution to every single lady. The ideal foundation tone can make you to look like a celeb; however it is absolutely not needed to spend a lot. You may easily save on foundation and have a similar inexpensive makeup online just as was utilized by professional makeup artists. All that you should understand will be several foundations tricks described below, and then picking plus putting on cosmetic foundation will be a super easy challenge to you.

Decide on the Colour

The main challenge in picking the face cosmetics foundation may be to pick out the right tone. And the option would be to pick the simplest. Pick the closest tone to the own face skin shade. Do not ever attempt to change your face shade with a cosmetics foundation. There are several other ways to achieve this, for example bleaching treatments, applying bronzing products or simply getting a normal tan. This means, pick the new cosmetics foundation tone just when you have improved the natural shade of the skin.

In most cases experts recommend to get couple of various colors of skin foundation. One for putting on in summer season, when your skin is usually a little bit darker due to effect of ultraviolet, plus a different foundation shade for the winter, when the skin will be noticeably lighter.

When your natural skin shade is reddish, do not use pinkish colours in cosmetic foundations: it’s always a lot better to consider the yellowish or perhaps greenish colours. Moisturizer is not really appropriate in such cases as well as it is not a good option to use in the daytime.

One of the very usual mistakes within the selecting of shade, is applying makeup foundation shade on the hand. Your skin color of arms in compare with face is totally various, and that means you won’t ever find the right tone. The perfect area to find out may be the area of your jaw.

Choose on Cosmetic Foundation Consistency

It will be safer to select easy, transparent as well as translucent textures. Face foundations with heavy and also opaque compositions are definitely not appropriate for everyone. The most suitable option is a creme that has moisturizing effect. Purchase a matte cosmetic foundation for your oily face skin. In case you have dry face skin, decide on foundations with moisturizing formulation.

Cosmetic Foundation Using Tips

Tend not to utilize facial foundation for all the face skin; this will help you to prevent the result of “mask”. Just some ladies need that. Normally it is good enough to use just in the areas with an uneven tone. Generally this is the location near your nose, chin plus sometimes cheeks. Always begin to blend the cosmetic foundation from the center of your face and then move to the neck area. This is actually the easy way how you can prevent receiving an obvious border between skin with an applied foundation and with no that. If the liquid cosmetic foundation appears to be very oily, apply a paper tissue prior to applying any face cosmetic powder.

A Sponge, a Brush or Fingers

In fact, there is no common suggestion for that. It depends on your own likes plus opinions. Other high quality makeup gurus really like cosmetics brushes with flexible bristles, since they can cover with foundation most of facial lines plus pores on the skin. If you would like to try a brush, place a bit of foundation on your hand, dip the brush slightly in the makeup and then put on with light plus quick movements. Some other makeup artists believe that the most effective instrument with regard to face foundation applying is definitely the fingers. You can do so also, just be sure you applied foundation correctly, especially on the jaw as well as hair area. Sponge is also suitable for making an excellent face tone. It can make the right colour of the face skin as well as covers the largest face skin area at once.

Bronzers and Concealers

Do not be afraid to make use of facial foundation with sun tanning effect or even bronzing pressed powders. Take a wide cosmetic brush and put it on your forehead, cheekbones plus nose area. Use it in an effort to freshen up your complexion immediately after foundation applying.

Concealer is intended to be used just for the certain face areas. Apply it to cover dark circles under your eyes as well as hide out other face skin problems. If you have got dry face skin, use some sort of moisturizer before applying a concealer. Use it before applying a face foundation.

Check Makeup Online Offers

As soon as you think of purchasing make-up foundation or you know face foundation tone which can be truly yours, why not to get smart savings and find makeup online! You could find a big choice of cosmetics and makeup online as well as purchase all of them at discount prices.

And just the very last idea: it will be a lot better to make use of cosmetic foundation in a bright room in your home or simply next to the window. So you may be sure your face foundation is blended-in correctly everywhere and with no any kind of stripes. Best of luck!

Offerpad Scoops Up More Homes In Q2 As Path To Profitability Emerges

Having unloaded almost all of its older inventory, the iBuyer ramped up home acquisitions by 131 percent, to 840 homes, in the second quarter of 2023 and expects positive adjusted earnings by year’s end.

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The numbers continue to move in the right direction for struggling iBuyer Offerpad, which trimmed losses and boosted the number of homes acquired during the second quarter after selling off nearly all of the older homes in its inventory.

Offerpad reported a $22.3 million Q2 net loss Wednesday, down 62 percent from the previous quarter and a five-fold reduction from the $121.1 million loss the company reported during the last three months of 2022.

Much of the improvement was due to a 13.5 percent gross profit margin on sales of homes Offerpad acquired after September 1, 2022. Less than 2 percent of Offerpad’s inventory was over 180 days old, allowing the iBuyer to boost Q2 acquisitions by 131 percent, to 840 homes.

Offerpad expects to see adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) by year-end, Chairman and CEO Brian Bair said.

Brian Bair

“The combination of completing the sale of our legacy inventory and the high-quality homes currently on our balance sheet provides a strong foundation for performance going forward,” Bair said in a statement. “The favorable quarter-over-quarter trends we saw during the first half of this year support our expectation to achieve positive adjusted EBITDA by year-end.”

Offerpad Scoops Up More Homes In Q2 As Path To Profitability Emerges
Source: Offerpad regulatory filings.

At $230.1 million, Offerpad’s revenue was also down 62 percent from the first quarter and 79 percent from a year ago, to the lowest level since Q4 2020, as the number of homes sold continued on a downward trajectory. Offerpad sold just 650 homes during the second quarter, down 60 percent from Q1 and 77 percent from a year ago.

Offerpad boosts home acquisitions by 131%
Offerpad Scoops Up More Homes In Q2 As Path To Profitability Emerges
Source: Offerpad regulatory filings.

Offerpad expects to sell between 600 and 700 homes during Q3, generating $200 million to $240 million in revenue. But the Chandler, Arizona-based iBuyer still expects to rack up an adjusted EBITDA loss of $9 million to $17 million in Q3.

Shares in Offerpad, which have traded for as little as $5.62 and as much as $34.88 in the last year, fell 2 percent in light trading Wednesday morning following the earnings announcement.

Offerpad executed a 1-for-15 reverse stock split in June to avoid being delisted from the New York Stock Exchange. The company’s price per share has climbed by about 50 percent since then.

Valued at $2.7 billion when the company went public in a September 2021 SPAC merger with Spencer Rascoff-led Supernova Partners Acquisition Company Inc., Offerpad’s market capitalization is closer to $320 million today.

Homeowners delay big purchases, improvement projects due to inflation

For homeowners, big projects and purchases may be another casualty of rampant inflation, new research suggests.

Overall, 60% of homeowners in a recent survey are less comfortable making large purchases for their home or household because of rising prices, according to Hippo Insurance’s 2022 Homeowner Preparedness Report. And nearly 43% either strongly (14.4%) or somewhat (28.4%) agree that inflation has caused them to delay planned home improvement or maintenance projects.

The poll used to generate the study was conducted April 29 to May 1 among 1,915 U.S. adults, by Ipsos on behalf of Hippo.

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With inflation up 8.6% year over year in May — more than expected and the fastest pace since 1981 — households are facing price increases in everything from groceries and gas to rent and clothes, according to the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Generally speaking, demand continues to outstrip supply, which is hampered in many cases by supply-chain issues.

Residential housing construction costs are up 19% from a year ago, according to the National Association of Home Builders. This can translate into higher costs for home improvement projects, depending on the specifics. The housing market appears to be cooling amid higher interest rates and skyrocketing home prices, however; the median list price of a home in the U.S. is $447,000, up 17.6% from a year ago, according to

‘Not all home repairs are created equal’
However, delaying some projects can be risky. Putting off routine maintenance can lead to bigger repair outlays down the road. Last year, homeowners spent an average of about $4,000 on home repairs, the Hippo survey showed.

While it’s wise to have money set aside for maintenance and repairs, you can also take steps that may help avoid costly fixes. For instance, be sure to know where the main shutoff is for water. If you discover a leaking line from your refrigerator or washing machine, turning off that valve can prevent worse water damage.

“Start with a routine inspection of your home,” said Courtney Klosterman, consumer trends expert at Hippo. “Take note of any visible imperfections, such as cracks in the foundation or damp areas, which could be an early sign of mold.”

From there, Klosterman said, create a list of must-dos and nice-to-dos, so you can work through your list over time.

“Prioritize issues that are known to be costlier to repair such as water leaks and any structural issues around the house,” she said. “Not all home repairs are created equal, so it’s important to look for signs that a project needs to be addressed quickly.”

For example, malfunctioning critical systems, such as a broken-down water heater or an electrical short should be prioritized, Klosterman said. That’s also when licensed professionals should be called on to fix the problem.